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Example GraphThe Yahoo Tracker is used to track your search engine keyword rankings for various keywords and urls over time, to help you monitor your search engine optimization labours. Keyword data is tracked historically, allowing you to produce graphs of your search engine rankings over time, and you can also monitor the progress of your competitors too by tracking their urls.

The tool is completely free to use and utilises Yahoo's websearch API, which means that we currently have limits on the number of users we can have and the number of keywords we can track. We hope to be able to relax some of these constraints in the near future.

To use the tool you will need to sign up for an account, so we know which data belongs to whom. If you have already registered an account, please input your details below. If you have not registered, please do so using the register form. Email addresses are used as a point of contact should problems arise with your account - we will never sell on your contact details.

05/09/2014 Finally retired this old monster!
20/02/2006 Results should now be more accurate as changes have been made to the result parsing routine.
02/02/2006 Accounts that are not used for 45 days are now automatically deleted.
20/06/2005 Deleted more inactive accounts.
03/05/2005 Deleted all inactive accounts (ones that hadn't been accessed for 45 days or more) to make room for new users.
24/03/2005 Number of tracked keywords per user has been increased.
09/03/2005 Urls should now be matched for users neglecting to add www. to their domain name.

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