Link Vault link report converter

LV2CSV is a utility to convert your Link Vault link report html pages into a csv (character-separated values) format that may be opened in most popular spreadsheet and other data-manipulation programs. Of course, this is of no use for Link Vault Unlimited users, who can download link placement files as part of their paying package, but for Free and Advanced users it can be very useful.

The tool is completely free and very simple to use. First of all, simply paste the html of your showlinks.asp page in the box below. You can view the html of the page by selecting View → Source in Internet Explorer, or View → Page Source in Firefox. Then select what character you'd like as delimiter for the data fields, and click the button. A new window will open up, and within a few moments you should either be prompted to download the .csv file, or the file should open up in a Microsoft Excel window.

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